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Benatav: Micro coils and coil manufacturing

Benatav’s activities center around coil windings and treatment of conducting ultra-fine wires. We specialize in designing and manufacturing solutions customized to clients’ needs.

We possess advanced technologies developed in-house, which enable meeting the most complex technical requirements.

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    Our Services include:

    • Creating coils tailor-made for various sensors and equipment
    • Manufacturing according to the standards required by the medical industry
    • Working with threads ranging from 58 AWG — 60 AWG
    • Produceding coils that are only 0.8 mm wide (an industry record)
    • Complete coil winding services: includes casting, gluing, wrapping etc
    • Thermo Pressure Bonding - Enables the connection of ultra-fine wires at any diameter to other ultra-fine wires at a similar diameter or those that are up to 12 times as thick
    • Various soldering processes. Includes: Conventional heat-based soldering and laser micro soldering and much more!

    Let Benatav know what your micro coils needs are. We'll find a way to manufacture it.

    Our Products

    Our Technology

    Benatav developed, designed and produced technologies that use ultra-fine insulated wires to manufacture micro coils for the medical industry, based on in-house development of equipment and techniques for handling insulated copper wire at any diameter, down to the finest serially manufactured size of 59 AWG (9 microns), Benatav developed a fine wire connectivity technology.

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