The Benatav Policy

  • We at Benatav aspire to produce best and most unique products in the industry, while achieving world-class complexity levels and the smallest dimensions.
  • Our intention is to design and develop the requisite means of production in case they’re not available.
  • We offer all of the above at affordable prices, including levels of reliability and safety that are in line with the most stringent industrial standards.
  • The company’s quality management system is based on ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 specifications. This policy is effectively applied to all aspects of the company’s operations.
  • Our employees are our most valuable possession, and we prioritize their promotion, regular training and cultivation.
  • We aspire to continuously improve our business performance, processes and products by way of constantly enhancing our quality system and our employees.
  • The company’s management is committed to compliance with all mandatory legal and regulatory requirements.
  • The company’s management is committed to this policy and takes measures to increase quality awareness among all company employees by means of mentoring and active training programs, which contribute to the company’s success.

Miriam Benatav – CEO.