About Us


Since its establishment over 30 years ago, Benatav’s activities center around winding coils and treatment of conducting wires. The company specializes in designing and manufacturing solutions customized to fit clients’ needs by employing advanced technologies developed in-house, which enable meeting the most complex technical requirements.

The company specializes in designing and manufacturing coils for the solar industry, designing and manufacturing micro-coils, employing innovative technologies to connect ultra-fine wires for the medical device industry, and offering special solutions for the traditional coils industry.

Benatav offers in-house design expertise based on patented technologies, combined with flexible production processes and global manufacturing capabilities – resulting in superior technological solutions, an ultra-fast design-to-production cycle and unprecedented cost-effectiveness.

Benatav is a global company with business centers in Israel, Romania and China. The company’s headquarters, R&D and technical design center, and QA center are located in Israel. Production is mainly based in Romania; purchasing, logistics, and quality assurance of raw materials is located in China.

The company’s activities are focused around three main sectors for which it offers innovative custom-tailored solutions:

  • Inverters for the solar industry – Design and manufacturing of transformers and inductors for solar inverters. The company's core competence lies in its ability to custom-design superior solutions in terms of cost, physical dimensions, weight and energy efficiency, based on proprietary patented technologies.
  • Medical devices industry – Development and implementation of unique technologies for winding coils using ultra-fine insulated wires as fine as 59 AWG (9 microns, or 0.009 mm), and an innovative thermo-pressure bonding technology that enables connecting ultra-fine insulated wires to each other, or to thicker wires, without soldering or terminals. Benatav’s clients in this field are among the leading companies in the world, such as Johnson & Johnson.
  • Specialized solutions within the general coils industry – Development and manufacturing of coils for a broad range of applications, including: all types of air coils, antennas, sensors, electromagnets and chokes, as well as grid, current, high-voltage and high-frequency transformers and filters (made on toroidal cores). Coils are produced in medium and small sizes, from 1 kW transformers to wound coils whose overall dimensions do not exceed 0.8mm length on 0.5mm diameter.
    The company also specializes in dual-component casting using silicon, polyurethane, and epoxy of all types to seal components and PCB of any shape, as well as coating and impregnating components and PCB with insulating materials.

Benatav is proud of its unrivalled abilities to deliver:

  • Creative custom solutions tailored to clients’ special requirements and specifications, employing tools and production methods developed in-house, to meet a desired target price.
  • Record overall time-to-market, achieved through accelerated development cycles to reach initial models and fast development-to-production turnaround.
  • Flexibility in production, even for small quantities.
  • Meeting the most stringent quality standards, including adherence to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 and to UL requirements – per the customer's specific needs and applications.