Benatav: Custom Coil Manufacturer

Established in 1984, Benatav, a leading custom coil manufacturer, is a global company with business centers in Israel, Romania, and China. The company’s headquarters, R&D and technical design center, and QA centers are based in Israel. Most manufacturing takes place in Romania, while purchasing, logistics, and quality assurance of raw materials are managed in China. The company’s offices and factories occupy about 30,000 square feet and employ more than 100 people.

For over three decades, Benatav has been developing state-of-the-art technologies to manufacture products superior in reliability, cost, and electrical efficiency. The company specializes in creating custom coils for various applications, from solar panels to medical equipment, and has accumulated extensive international trade experience. Its primary activities revolve around winding coils, treating conducting wires, and creating sensors.

A leader in the field, Benatav places great emphasis on understanding technical requirements. The company helps clients transform their ideas into finished products. The synergy between the experience and knowledge of Benatav’s staff results in groundbreaking solutions, some of which are industry firsts. Customers who turn to Benatav can always rely on the company’s assistance in achieving their production needs. This is why buyers of Benatav’s coils can be found in Japan, America, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, and many other countries.

Benatav’s manufacturing process is flexible and capable of cost-effective mass production on a global scale. Thanks to its expert engineering staff, which specializes in custom electric coil winding assemblies and custom-made automatic machinery, the company can produce a vast array of coils for the automotive industry, medical equipment, domestic use, industrial applications, and scientific/laboratory equipment, with a capacity of up to 600 thousand coils per month.

Benatav possesses advanced technologies and patents developed in-house across countless projects. The design process implemented in the company is an interactive customer-provider collaboration, involving joint tests and experiments in Benatav’s labs until the finalization of a prototype design.

 Advantages of Benatav as a custom coil manufacturer include:

  • the availability of high-notch technological equipment;
  • professional employees with many years of experience in the industry;
  • the creation of frames of various shapes;
  • winding coils of a unique type;
  • high speed order fulfillment;
  • quality assurance.

One of the company’s unique innovations is micro soldering. This specially designed method enables the connection of fine wires – from 9 micron to 50 micron in diameter – by thermo-press metal-to-metal contacts. To learn more about Benatav’s innovative connectivity solutions, visit our Micro Soldering – Connectivity Solutions page.

The company upholds strict standards throughout its management process, from sourcing raw materials to packaging. Winding, delivery, and packaging are conducted under sterile conditions. To manufacture micro coils, Benatav uses ultra-fine insulated copper wires to produce coils with over 1000 windings, each smaller than the head of a pin. As part of the quality assurance program, an integral component of the manufacturing process, the integrity of the insulated wires undergoes thorough inspections.

Benatav pays great attention to detail and the methods used in the manufacturing of its products. This allows the company to produce coils that exactly meet the specifications for various types of industrial equipment, such as electromagnetic coils, electronic coils, controller coils, etc.

To meet the unique needs of customers, Benatav can use certain materials in accordance with the customers’ requirements and specifications. The company also offers a personalized approach that helps customers save time and money. For instance, products can be packaged in accordance with the customer’s requirements.


Learn more about Benatav’s competencies as a custom coil manufacturer or read our White Paper.

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