Our Technology

Benatav employs design and production technologies that use ultra-fine insulated wires to manufacture micro coils for the medical field, based on the in-house development of an array of techniques for handling insulated copper wire at any diameter, down to the finest serially manufactured size of 59 AWG (9 microns), Benatav developed a fine wire connectivity technology that enables connecting ultra-fine insulated wires at any serially manufactured diameter, down to 0.009 mm, to other ultra-fine wires or to wires up to 5 times as thick.

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micro coils and coil manufacturing - benatav technology

About Us

Since its establishment over 30 years ago, Benatav’s activities center around winding coils and treatment of conducting wires. The company specializes in designing and coil manufacturing solutions customized to fit clients’ needs by employing advanced technologies developed in-house, which enable meeting the most complex technical requirements.
The company specializes in designing and manufacturing coils for the solar industry, designing and manufacturing micro coils, employing innovative technologies to connect ultra-fine wires for the medical device industry, and offering special solutions for the traditional coils industry.
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Our Products

Solar Inductor Casting
Miniature Coil Casting
Water Proof Casting
PCB Coating
PCB-Mount Toroid
Toroid Core Transformer
Common Mode Choke For Industrial
High Voltage Transformer
Rectangular Air Coil
Air Coil
Coreless Air Coil
PCB-Mount Antenna
Proximity Sensor Antenna
3-Axis Navigation Sensor
Three-Phase High Current Inductor
Three-Phase Medium Current Inductor
Three-Phase Storage Inductor
Single-Phase High Inductance Dual Inductor
Next Generation Quad-Filar Inductor
Solar Common Mode Choke
Three-Phase Low Frequency Filtering Inductor
Three-Phase High inductance Filtering Inductor
Single-Phase High Frequency Dual Inductor
Single-Phase Dual Inductor
Next Generation Tri-Filar Inductor
Miniature Cylindrical Coil 490 Windings
Polyurethane Cast Coil
3-Axis Miniature Medical Sensor (before casting)
Miniature Cylindrical Coil – 16 micron wire
Self Bonding Mini Coil
Metal Rod Coil
Miniature Elliptical Coil 10 micron wire
Miniature Multi-Layer Coil
Miniature Elliptical Coil with Flat Inner Walls
Miniature Rectangular Coil
3-Axis Miniature Medical Sensor (after casting)
Flattened Elliptical Coil
Miniature Elliptical Coil 12 micron wire
Miniature Cylindrical Coil – 10 micron wire
Miniature Cylindrical Coil
Miniature Silicon-Core Coil
Miniature Elliptical Coil 9 micron wire
Miniature Ball Shape micro Coil

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