Benatav is a global company spread across three business centers located in Israel, Romania, and China. The company’s headquarters, R&D and technical design center, and QA centers are based in Israel. Manufacturing is primarily carried out in Romania, while purchasing, logistics, and quality assurance of raw materials take place in China. The company’s offices and factories span 30,000 square feet, and it employs over 100 workers.

The company’s business activities are centered in Benatav Israel, and they include:

  • Headquarters – Responsible for managing the various projects, customer service, purchasing, logistics, QA, and overall financial management.
  • R & D center – Includes a team of engineering experts responsible for developing new technologies, designing custom solutions tailored to clients’ requirements, and developing advanced production tools and machinery. For each client, the R & D center designs an engineering solution meeting the client’s specific needs, builds a prototype, designs and builds tools and machinery for serial production as necessary, produces alpha and beta series, completes the production files, and ensures smooth transition from development to serial production.
  • Miniature devices production plant – A high tech plant, meeting the most stringent medical quality standards, for serially producing wound or connected ultra-fine copper wires as fine as 59 AWG (9 microns). All the machinery and tools are designed and manufactured in-house by the company.