The activity in Romania centers around the production plant, housed in new and modern facilities and operating at the highest manufacturing and QA standards. The plant specializes in serial production after the product design per client requirements is completed. The plant’s geographical location aids the company in its constant endeavor to provide not only a high quality product, but also globally competitive prices. The location of the plant, in the heart of Europe, also provides maximum flexibility in shipping orders, quick response to customer’s needs, and the eligibility for tax benefits extended to economic endeavors within the EU.

The plant’s professional team is in geographical proximity to the company’s headquarters in Israel, enabling high mobility between the sites, frequent technical training, and ongoing professional cooperation – both with the R&D teams and with the client’s representatives. This ensures the company can always meet the stringent quality standards required by the industry sectors for which the products are designed. The production teams working in Romania undergo regular professional training at headquarters to update and train them with the latest manufacturing processes and methods.