Benatav Industrial


Benatav offers its clients a broad array of coils for various uses, manufactured according to customer specifications. The company is highly experienced in producing coils for the following:

  • Antenna applications:
    • Rigid air coils without a bobbin
    • Coils with a core (made of plastic or ferromagnetic materials)
  • Coil-based sensors, including multi-axis configurations
  • Electromagnetic coils (solenoids) for a wide range of applications, from milking machines to locks and security
  • High voltage coils, for voltages of 1-20 kV and above
  • Transformers:
    • Grid transformers for 1-1000 W of power
    • Current transformers
    • Low voltage/high frequency transformers
    • High voltage/high frequency transformers
    • Chokes
  • Toroids for a wide range of applications, from noise reduction to filtering, including toroids pre-installed on dedicated mounts for fast and reliable PCB assembly.

As part of the complementary solutions offered to its clients, the company has also developed special expertise in the following areas:

  • Castings – Casting dual-component materials such as silicon, polyurethane and all types of epoxy, for sealing components and PCB of all shapes and sizes
  • Coatings – Protective coating and impregnations of components and PCBs with insulating materials
  • Cutting and Stripping – Cutting and stripping flexible insulated wires in varying sizes from 32AWG to 10AWG, including edge tinning