Micro coils and sensors for medical devices

Micro coils for medical devices

Micro coils are essential components of medical devices. One of the major challenges faced by designers of invasive medical devices is to accommodate the physical size of the device within the constraints imposed by the target body region. Invasive devices, whether inserted into the body via catheters, minimally invasive procedures, or through permanent or temporary implants, are continuously being miniaturized. This progress aims to reach otherwise inaccessible regions within the body, minimize disruption of regular body functions, reduce energy consumption, and increase the lifespan of implanted components.

Recognizing the engineering challenges posed by medical device miniaturization, Benatav has developed a unique array of capabilities, both in designing and producing miniature coils, mini coils, nano coils and micro/mini sensors, based on ultra-fine wires, and in connecting the wires to adjacent miniature components.

Micro coils & other capabilities of Benatav:

  • Micro coils winding  based on copper wire at any diameter, down to the finest serially manufactured size of 59 AWG (9 microns, or 0.009 mm). The micro coils are designed and produced per the geometric and electromagnetic requirements of the client. It is worth noting that a typical micro coil having over 1000 windings can be smaller than the head of a pin!
  • Connecting ultra-fine insulated wires at any serially manufactured diameter to other ultra-fine wires or to wires up to 3-4 times as thick, using Benatav’s innovative Thermo-Pressure Bonding technology. These connections provide highly reliable, corrosion-free, and strain-free connectivity without any micro soldering, which simplifies and lowers manufacturing costs. Thermo-Pressure Bonding thus provides an engineering solution to connectivity challenges that were highly complex, or even unsolvable, using micro soldering.

To learn more read our White Paper.

The combination of the advanced technologies of micro coils winding & sensors includes :

  • Transferring control, monitoring, and logging data to/from miniature implants
  • Transferring energy to implants requiring battery charging or electrical charge input for activating and operating their systems
  • Radiating energy for RF treatments, heat treatments, or electromagnetic radiation‑based treatments
  • In-vivo magnetic 3D navigation, employing a local or external magnetic field

Some of the applications that can use Benatav’s micro coils include:

  • Diagnostics: wireless communications with miniature implants serving physiological, glycemic, and flow sensors
  • Active implants: monitoring/controlling miniature implanted pace-makers, deep brain stimulation components, etc.
  • Therapeutic applications: as end devices in electrophysiological treatments and in electricity-based ablations
  • Navigation and orientation: targeted drug delivery, targeted radiation catheters, stents positioning, highly-accurate ablations, implanted markers, inter-body tagging, and endoscopic, gastroscopic, colonoscopic, laproscopic, and other similar procedures

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