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Unique Micro Coils

Recognizing the engineering challenges posed by the miniaturization of invasive medical devices, Benatav has developed unique capabilities in designing and manufacturing miniature coils using the finest serially manufactured ultra-fine wires. These coils can have diameters as small as 0.00035″ / 59 AWG / 9 microns.

Applications:  Implants ▪ in-vivo navigation ▪ energy transfer ▪ RF radiation ▪ remote systems monitoring, activation & control ▪ heat-based treatments



Ultra-fine Wires Connectivity Solutions

Connecting ultra-fine insulating wires to thicker wires or other components in various applications can be challenging. To address this challenge, Benatav has developed a unique technology that allows the connection of fine wires of any diameter (down to 0.00035″ / 59 AWG / 9 microns) to wires up to 5 times thicker.

This soldering-free, terminal-free solution is based on a molecular-bonding technology, and can be applied to wide variety of metals and alloys, such as: copper, gold, chromel, constantan, and more.

Benefits: reduced noise level  ▪  no oxidization  ▪ erosion free  ▪  strain-free connection

Connectivity Solutions



Winding Rectangular Wires

Many industrial applications, from electrical motors to solar inverter coils, require a superior balance between power and compact design. In response to this market demand, Benatav has developed a unique, patent-pending winding technology for rectangular cross-section wires, which is now used in many of its industrial coils

This winding technology allows the bending of rectangular wires over their narrow dimension, without compromising their physical or electrical integrity.

Benefits:  ultra-high fill-factor ▪ high spatial efficiency ▪ compact design



High Performance Solar Inductors

Solar inductors present specific challenges in terms of efficiency, compactness, and heat dissipation. Benatav specializes in developing and manufacturing innovative customized inductors for solar inverters using proprietary design methodologies and its patent-pending winding technology for rectangular wires.

This  innovative technology allows simultaneous winding of multiple wires and  results in ultra-high fill-factor, extremely low CD resistance and an unprecedented compact design.

Benefits:  minimal circular currents ▪ no skin-effect issues ▪ ultra-compact form-factor ▪  high energy efficiency  ▪  low heat radiation  ▪  low RFI noise  ▪  high resonance frequency ▪ low cost