Fine Wire Connectivity Solutions


Medical devices inserted into the body – via minimally invasive procedures, catheters, and permanent or temporary implants – are undergoing a continuous process of miniaturization. This process aims to reach otherwise inaccessible regions in the body, minimize disruption of regular body functioning, reduce energy consumption, and increase device lifetime. As the physical size of modern devices decreases, designers are faced with an ever-growing challenge: connecting internal components to each other and to their operating systems.

With this challenge in mind, Benatav identified the need to develop production techniques for connecting components made of ultra-fine insulated wires to each other or to thicker wires, all without any terminals. To meet this need, Benatav developed a fine wire connectivity technology. This technology enables the connection of ultra-fine insulated wires at any serially manufactured diameter (down to 0.009 mm = 9 microns, or 59 AWG) to other ultra-fine wires or to wires up to 5 times as thick. These thermo-pressure connections provide highly reliable, corrosion-free, and strain-free connectivity without any soldering. Moreover, the fine wire connectivity technology enables fast and effective control of the production process, without causing erosion or aging of the materials, or undesirable deformations in the vicinity of the connections.

This technology offers unique advantages, including:

  • Reduced noise level
  • Connection strain relief
  • Safer production process: no risk of damaging sensitive areas during consecutive production stages
  • Highly reliable connection: no oxidization, no erosion