Cryotherapy Ablation Heater Coil

Electro Magnetic Transmitter Navigation (Carto 3)

Benatav's coil is a critical component in cryoablation systems and needles used to treat kidney, prostate, and other types of cancer. This system offers minimally invasive, temperature-based therapies for the treatment of both benign and malignant diseases of the prostate, as well as other urological conditions such as kidney tumors. Benatav's advanced miniaturization technology ensures success in this complex medical procedure.

Benatav employs design and production technologies that utilize ultra-fine insulated wires to manufacture micro coils and sensors for the medical field. Our products are based on in-house developments of an array of techniques for handling insulated copper wire of any diameter, down to the finest serially manufactured size of 59 AWG (9 microns). One of Benatav's innovations is a fine wire connectivity technology that enables the connection of ultra-fine insulated wires at any serially manufactured diameter (down to 0.009 mm) to other ultra-fine wires or to wires up to 5 times as thick.


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