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Micro coils for medical devices

One of the major challenges facing designers of invasive medical devices is accommodating the physical size of the device within the constraints imposed by the body region for which it is intended. Invasive devices, inserted into the body via catheters, minimally invasive procedures, and permanent or temporary implants, are undergoing a continuous process of miniaturization. The purpose of this miniaturization is to reach otherwise inaccessible regions in the body, minimize disruption of regular body functioning, reduce energy consumption, and extend the lifespan of implanted components.

In response to this challenge, Benatav employs design and production technologies that use ultra-fine insulated wires to manufacture micro coils. These technologies are based on in-house development of an array of techniques for handling insulated copper wire at any diameter, down to the finest serially manufactured size of 59 AWG (9 microns). For example, by employing dedicated micro-machining technologies, the company serially manufactures coils with over 1000 windings, smaller than the head of a pin!


Micro coils – our expertise

Benatav’s extensive experience in developing and implementing these technologies enables mass serial production while meeting the standards required by medical applications, for both disposable products (such as catheters) and long-term products (such as implants and pacemakers).

Prior to mass production, each component undergoes a careful design process. The chief challenges of this process include meticulously creating design specs based on the component’s technical requirements, and then designing and creating tooling and manufacturing machines accordingly, while meeting stringent standards of quality and reliability.

Benatav’s micro coils offer designers of medical devices a vast array of capabilities, and open the door for endless miniaturization applications.


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Micro coils for medical devices

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