Medical Products

Benatav specializes in developing and manufacturing custom-designed micro-coils for the medical devices industry, per customers' technical requirements and specifications.

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Below are some typical products designed and manufactured for various applications:

Miniature Ball Shape micro Coil
Miniature Cylindrical Coil 490 Windings
Miniature Elliptical Coil 9 micron wire
Miniature Elliptical Coil with Flat Inner Walls
Miniature Silicon-Core Coil
Miniature Multi-Layer Coil
Miniature Cylindrical Coil
Miniature Elliptical Coil 10 micron wire
Miniature Cylindrical Coil – 10 micron wire
Metal Rod Coil
Miniature Elliptical Coil 12 micron wire
Self Bonding Mini Coil
Flattened Elliptical Coil
3-Axis Miniature Medical Sensor (before casting)
3-Axis Miniature Medical Sensor (after casting)
Polyurethane Cast Coil
Miniature Rectangular Coil
Miniature Cylindrical Coil – 16 micron wire