Benatav specializes in developing and manufacturing innovative custom-designed coil, that serve as high-power inductors for solar inverters. The design is based on proprietary technologies, some of them patent pending, for building the inductor’s physical structure, as well as for its coil winding.

These innovative coil winding technologies include :

  • Use of a rectangular copper wire instead of the industry-standard Litz wire
  • Simultaneous winding of multiple wires
  • Implementation of unique winding methods in an horizontal orientation
  • A novel arrangement of the ferrites in the core

The unique design of micro coils for the inductors results in :

  • Dramatically higher fill-factor (90% vs. 40% in legacy technologies)
  • Reduced DCR losses (60% less than legacy technologies)
  • Ultra-compact design (30% less than Litz-wire based inductors)
  • Reduced circulating currents
  • Lower capacitance and reduced RFI noise
  • High reliability

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