Solar Patents

One of the company’s notable accomplishments is the development and production of a high-performance inductor for solar inverters. This design incorporates proprietary technologies, some of which are currently pending patents, for both the physical structure and coil winding of the inductor.

This groundbreaking design is the result of two patent-pending proprietary technologies:

  1. The use of rectangular wire instead of the standard Litz-wire, coupled with the ability to wind multiple wires simultaneously in an horizontal orientation (unlike the legacy vertical winding orientation). Next Generation Inductor for solar inverters, designed and manufactured based on patent-pending new winding technology. Its unique design results in >90 fill factor, dramatically lower DC resistance and 30 smaller form factor – relative to traditional Litz-wire inductor with comparable performance

  2. Employing proprietary design practices that include a novel arrangement of the ferrites in the core, and the use of non-crystalline insulation materials

The unique design of the inductors results in:

  • Unsurpassed performance in an ultra-compact encasement
  • Unprecedented fill factor (90 vs. 40 in standard design)
  • Elimination of the skin factor
  • Lower DCR (60 less than typical Litz-wire designs)
  • Lower capacitance – resulting in reduced RFI noise
  • minimized circulating currents
  • Low overall production cost
  • High reliability


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