Micro coils for medical devices

micro coils

Micro coils for medical devices

One of the significant challenges facing designers of invasive medical devices is accommodating the physical size of the device within the constraints imposed by the target body region. Devices inserted into the body – via catheters, minimally invasive procedures, or permanent/temporary implants – are continuously being miniaturized. This process aims to reach otherwise inaccessible areas in the body, minimize disruption to regular bodily functions, reduce energy consumption, and extend the lifetime of implanted components.


In response to this challenge, Benatav employs design and production technologies that utilize ultra-fine insulated wires to manufacture micro coils. These technologies are based on in-house developed techniques for handling insulated copper wire of any diameter, down to the finest serially manufactured size of 59 AWG (9 microns). For instance, the company employs dedicated micro-machining technologies to serially manufacture coils with over 1000 windings, which are smaller than the head of a pin!

Micro coils – our expertise

Benatav’s extensive experience in developing and implementing these technologies enables mass serial production that meets the standards required by medical applications. These applications range from disposable products such as catheters to long-term products like implants and pacemakers.


Prior to mass production, each component undergoes a thorough design process. The chief challenges of this process include meticulously crafting design specifications based on the component’s technical requirements. Subsequently, tooling and manufacturing machines are designed and created accordingly, all while meeting stringent standards of quality and reliability


Benatav’s micro coils offer medical device designers a vast array of capabilities, paving the way for endless miniaturization applications.

These capabilities of micro coils include :

  • Transferring control, monitoring, and logging data to/from miniature implants
  • Transferring energy to implants requiring battery charging or electrical charge input for system activation and operation

  • Radiating energy for RF treatments, heat treatments, or electromagnetic radiation-based treatments.

  • In-vivo magnetic navigation using a local or external magnetic field.

Applications that can utilize Benatav’s micro coils include:

  • Diagnostics: Wireless communication with miniature implants serving as physiological (blood pressure, heartbeat), glycemic, or flow (blood, respiratory) sensors.

  • Active implants: Monitoring/controlling miniature implanted pacemakers, or as components in pain management implanted devices for deep brain stimulation

  • Therapeutic applications: Used as end devices in electrophysiological treatments (cardiac, neural, brain), or in electricity-based ablations (microwave and RF).

  • Navigation and orientation: Accurate navigation of targeted drug delivery, targeted radiation catheters, stent positioning, highly accurate ablations, implanted markers, inter-body tagging, and endoscopic, gastroscopic, colonoscopic, laparoscopic, and other similar procedures.

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