For over three decades, Benatav has been continuously developing state-of-the-art technologies for manufacturing products that are superior in relaiblity, cost, and electrical efficiency. One of the company’s flagship achievements is the design and manufacture of a high-performance inductor for solar inverters.

This breakthrough design was achieved thanks to two patent-pending proprietary technologies:

  • The use of rectangular wire instead of the standard Litz-wire, coupled with the ability to wind multiple wires simultaneously in an horizontal orientation (unlike the legacy vertical winding orientation)
  • Employing proprietary design practices that include a novel arrangement of the ferrites in the core, and the use of non-crystalline insulation materials

The unique design of the inductors results in:

  • Unsurpassed performance in an ultra-compact encasement
  • Unprecedented fill factor (90% vs. 40% in standard design)
  • Elimination of the skin factor
  • Lower DCR (60% less than typical Litz-wire designs)
  • Lower capacitance – resulting in reduced RFI noise
  • Minimized circulating currents
  • Low overall production cost